Worldwide cooperation to stop the crime of online child sexual abuse and exploitation

The WePROTECT Global Alliance is an international movement dedicated to national and global action to end the sexual exploitation of children online. 

"There can be no greater task than the protection of vulnerable children in our own countries and around the world. We owe it to all those who have lost their childhood to sexual exploitation – and those still at risk – to do everything in our power to protect them, and put an end to these disturbing crimes."

Rt Hon Theresa May MP, UK Prime Minister -
Speech at WePROTECT Inaugural Summit, Dec 2014

“This is a major international crime of our age. There are networks spanning the world, children abused to order: This is a global crime, so it needs global action.”

Rt Hon David Cameron MP, Former UK Prime Minister, 2014



"We are here to develop the capabilities needed within our countries and pursue international cooperation on a scale that has not been seen before, and in a way that can only be accomplished when people who truly care work together.”

Baroness Shields, 2015 - Securing children's safety in a digital world

“Many of the technologies that our societies have come to rely upon have also created vulnerabilities that pedophiles find all too easy to exploit – to trade illegal images, to discuss fantasies about abusing children, and even to find and target potential victims.” 

Eric Holder, then US Attorney General, 2012