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Library article
1 September 2021
Framing child sexual abuse and exploitation online as a form of human trafficking: opportunities, challenges, and implications

Publisher: International Justice Mission, WeProtect Global Alliance (Briefing)

A group of experts was brought together for a virtual roundtable to better understand how child trafficking for sexual purposes and child sexual exploitation and abuse online overlap; and to…

Blog post
11 August 2021
Apple’s fresh approach to child protection can be a game-changer

Chloe Setter, Head of Policy for WeProtect Global Alliance looks at Apple’s newly announced plans to boost its child protection efforts and explains why it feels like a pivotal moment…

Library article
20 July 2021
Pathways: How digital design puts children at risk

Publisher: 5Rights Foundation (Report)

Bad actors and bad content online command our attention. While they should and must be addressed, there is another aspect of the online world that gets limited attention: design. The…

Framework capability
16 June 2021
Research, Analysis and Monitoring

Action to prevent and tackle CSEA is intelligence and evidence-led. The nationally-agreed assessment is used to inform the development, prioritisation and implementation of the country’s CSEA response and related policy…

Library article
10 June 2021
Transparency in the Regulation of Online Safety

Publisher: Ofcom (Report)

The UK’s draft Online Safety Bill proposes to give the communications regulator Ofcom powers to require online service providers to produce annual transparency reports about illegal and harmful content on…

Framework capability
31 May 2021
Long-term victim trauma analysis

Understanding long-term personal implications (e.g. health, economic, social, education) of being a child victim or survivor of online sexual abuse and exploitation is crucial.

Framework capability
31 May 2021
Threat analysis and monitoring

Detailed and up-to-date assessments of defined threats, risks and trends of child sexual exploitation and abuse online.

Framework capability
31 May 2021
Increased transparency

Regularly publish transparency reports on detection and prevention of CSEA online with meaningful metrics, and ensure data is supported by explainable methodology and reviewed regularly.

Library article
21 April 2021
Internet Watch Foundation Annual Report 2020

Publisher: Internet Watch Foundation (Report)

“Face the facts”: In 2020, our team assessed over 150,000 reports of child sexual abuse imagery online and were able to seek the removal of millions of criminal images and…

Library article
21 April 2021
I worked at Facebook — end-to-end encryption will sacrifice children’s safety at the altar of privacy

Publisher: iNews (Media)

Joanna Shields blog: I was working at the tech giant when five-year-old April Jones was murdered. I felt sick that we hadn’t done more.

Library article
19 April 2021
End-To-End Encryption: Understanding the impacts for child safety online

Publisher: NSPCC (Report)

There are diverse and often conflicting opinions on the extent to which platforms should adopt online privacy and safety features, but the overwhelming majority of participants agree that child safety…

Library article
18 February 2021
The sexual exploitation and abuse of deaf and disabled children online

Publisher: Childhood USA, DeafKidz International, WeProtect Global Alliance (Briefing)

This intelligence briefing acts as a situational analysis of current perspectives and evidence on the sexual exploitation and abuse of children with disabilities online.

Blog post
10 February 2021
Rebooting child protection systems: 5 ways to address child sexual abuse online

Publisher: WeProtect Global Alliance (Blog)

6024d785aea24 bpthumb Anna Gawn, Director of Stratagem International, advisor on child protection and safeguarding (digital and offline) reform

With more children than ever now engaging online, it is vital that they are both protected and enabled to engage safely. After the UN Committee on the Rights of the…

Blog post
2 February 2021
Defending the privacy of child sexual abuse victims online, in the EU and worldwide

Publisher: WeProtect Global Alliance (Blog)

A debate has been raging in Europe over what takes precedence: privacy or child protection. In September 2020 we were called by a member of the European Parliament who asked…

Library article
15 January 2021
Briefing on the future of digital tools to detect child sexual exploitation and abuse online in Europe

Publisher: WeProtect Global Alliance (Briefing)

What is the issue? On 21 December 2020, the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) came into force in the European Union (EU), which provides an expanded definition of ‘electronic communications…

Library article
11 December 2020
Thorn Research: Understanding sexually explicit images, self-produced by children

Publisher: Thorn (Report)

Our work to date has helped us understand how to protect kids from online sexual exploitation, but with SG-CSAM a new question arose: Is every child in every image experiencing…