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1 September 2021
Framing child sexual abuse and exploitation online as a form of human trafficking: opportunities, challenges, and implications

Publisher: International Justice Mission, WeProtect Global Alliance (Briefing)

A group of experts was brought together for a virtual roundtable to better understand how child trafficking for sexual purposes and child sexual exploitation and abuse online overlap; and to…

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19 August 2021
How to talk about child sexual abuse in the digital world

Publisher: WeProtect Global Alliance (Report)

A FrameWorks UK strategic brief outlines challenges for communicating about child sexual exploitation and abuse online and offers preliminary recommendations.

4 June 2021
Focus areas

Protecting children from sexual exploitation and abuse online requires coordinated action from governments, technology companies, civil society and other actors. From analysing the scale of the issue, to reporting abuse…

Blog post
25 March 2021
How to conduct ethical research on sexual exploitation involving children
605caf93f1202 bpthumb Andrea Varrella, Project Coordinator of Amplifying the Voices of Survivors, ECPAT International

Research with children demands we do the best by them. Andrea Varrella of ECPAT shares learning from the ethical review of a joint ECPAT/WePROTECT project.

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20 January 2021
We are in danger of losing the global battle for child safety

Publisher: NCMEC (Briefing)

NCMEC compared EU-related CyberTipline reports submitted by technology companies three weeks before and three weeks after the ePrivacy directive going into effect. Reports concerning child sexual exploitation in the EU…

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15 January 2021
Briefing on the future of digital tools to detect child sexual exploitation and abuse online in Europe

Publisher: WeProtect Global Alliance (Briefing)

What is the issue? On 21 December 2020, the European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) came into force in the European Union (EU), which provides an expanded definition of ‘electronic communications…

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11 December 2020
Thorn Research: Understanding sexually explicit images, self-produced by children

Publisher: Thorn (Report)

Our work to date has helped us understand how to protect kids from online sexual exploitation, but with SG-CSAM a new question arose: Is every child in every image experiencing…

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13 May 2020
Impact of COVID-19 on child sexual exploitation and abuse online

Publisher: WeProtect Global Alliance (Briefing)

This briefing paper brings together and assesses the currently available material on the impact of COVID-19 restrictions on online child sexual exploitation.