The Global Fund to Prevent Violence against Children

Online child sexual exploitation (CSE) is a heinous crime and a global issue. It is a growing threat to girls and boys in every country and tackling it requires coordinated global action by governments, law enforcement, industry and civil society. 

Last December, the UK’s Prime Minister David Cameron hosted the WePROTECT Children Online Summit in London. This was an event of unprecedented scale, bringing together all of those with a responsibility for protecting children online. The summit secured globally significant commitments from 50 governments and international organisations, 20 leading technology companies and 10 civil society organisations.

At the summit, the Prime Minister announced  that the UK would work with UNICEF to establish a new Global Fund to Prevent Violence against Children, with an initial focus on protecting children from online CSE. 

The Fund will deliver the capabilities countries need to:

  • identify and protect victims 
  • remove child sexual abuse material from the internet, and
  • co-operate across the world to track down perpetrators