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Global Threat Assessment 2023

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New edition of our report assessing the scale and scope of child sexual abuse online

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The issue

Child sexual exploitation and abuse online is one of the most urgent and defining global issues of our generation

Global Threat Assessment 2023

Our most comprehensive report yet shows how the global response to child sexual exploitation and abuse online needs a new approach.

Child exposure to online sexual harms survey

A global study of childhood experiences of 18-20 year olds conducted by ECONOMIST IMPACT.

Economist Impact exposure to online harms

A study of childhood experiences of sexual harm online conducted by Economist Impact globally in 2021 and then repeated in four European countries in 2023.

The response

To tackle this complex, global issue, everyone with a role to protect children online needs to work together

Our framework approach breaks down the response into a series of themes with supporting capabilities:

Our two flagship frameworks help governments and organisations structure their resources to protect children against being sexually exploited online, nationally and globally:

Model National Response

WeProtect MNR

Framework to coordinate the development of comprehensive national action across government, law enforcement, industry and civil society to

Global Strategic Response

Global Threat Assessment landscape

Framework to help set objectives and provide a comprehensive global strategy to eliminate child sexual exploitation and abuse online.

Protectors’ Portal: online collaboration space

By working together we can make change happen to better protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse online.

To facilitate cross-sector working, we invite all our members and their teams to join the Protectors’ Portal to:

  • Discuss urgent issues
  • Network with other professionals
  • Contribute your organisation’s contents

The Portal is reserved for professionals who work for Alliance member organisations. Please register here.

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