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Working to protect children from the growing threat of sexual exploitation and abuse online

We bring together the people, knowledge and influence to transform the global response to child sexual exploitation and abuse online

The Issue

Online sexual exploitation occurs when an individual or group takes advantage of an imbalance of power

Our Alliance

A unique global public-private partnership: governments, companies and civil society working together

The Response

Platforms and resources to tackle the problem at a global scale

A global coalition to fight child sexual exploitation and abuse online

WePROTECT Global Alliance Chair, Ernie Allen explains the issue and introduces the work of our public-private partnership.

A borderless crime that requires a global response

Sexual exploitation or abuse of a child can have a devastating, sometimes life-long impact. This is true whether the abuse is committed in person or remotely through the internet. The current global pandemic has further increased the opportunities for exploitation and abuse. The need for action is urgent and growing.

Technology empowers billions of people to connect, learn and explore the world in ways previously unimaginable.

But the rapid development and expansion of digital technologies has also created the crime of online-facilitated child sexual exploitation and abuse. In recent years, online sexual exploitation has grown exponentially, affected children across the globe and become the most insidious form of modern cybercrime.

Technology enables offenders and links offender communities. Digital tools provide them with unprecedented levels of access, new capabilities and increasing confidence to abuse children on an ever increasing scale.

Key data points



Referrals of child sexual abuse material by US technology companies to NCMEC in one year


of child sex abuse material found online by the Internet Watch Foundation contains images of children aged 13 or under



estimated number of people worldwide looking to connect with children for sexual purposes online at any one time

All data taken from Global Threat Assessment report

Working urgently to protect children online

The Alliance is a unique partnership, dedicated to putting online-facilitated child sexual exploitation and abuse on the global agenda as well as mobilising a worldwide campaign to end it.

Governments, technology companies, civil society and partners acting together to urgently stop offenders accessing and harming children online.

The Alliance shares frameworks, tools, experience and best practices to accelerate the response to this ever-evolving threat.

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