Worldwide cooperation to stop the crime of online child sexual abuse and exploitation

The WePROTECT Global Alliance is an international movement dedicated to national and global action to end the sexual exploitation of children online. 


Global Threat Assessment 2018


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Agenda 2030 for Children: End Violence Solutions Summit

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Child Dignity in the Digital World 2017


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WePROTECT founder Baroness Joanna Shields on Preventing Child Abuse and Exploitation
WePROTECT Summit, Abu Dhabi - Nov. 2015


"Tackling the heinous crime of online child sexual exploitation is one of the most important issues we face today, and the UK continues to drive forward action to tackle this. However, these crimes cannot be resolved by the UK Government alone. This is a global problem, and we have to work together to protect our children...I am confident that this global initiative will deliver real change."

Rt Hon Theresa May MP, UK Prime Minister, 2016 -
Address to WePROTECT Global Alliance to End Online Child Sexual Exploitation Advisory Board


“This is a major international crime of our age. There are networks spanning the world, children abused to order: This is a global crime, so it needs global action.”

David Cameron, Former UK Prime Minister, 2014


Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures and in this case, we need a new era of cooperation and shared responsibility that puts the needs of children first. We need to scale our response not incrementally but exponentially because change is the only constant and the future will only deliver it in orders of greater magnitude and complexity.

Baroness Joanna Shields, WePROTECT Founder, 2017 - The Reality of Young Life Lived Behind Screens — Keynote Address to Child Dignity in the Digital World Congress


"Technology has changed the way we live, learn, work and play. Yet, there is a dark side. Technology also facilitates the exploitation of children. We must innovate. We must catch-up. There are limits to what governments and law enforcement can do alone, but there is no limit to what governments, law enforcement and committed private sector leaders can do together."

Ernie Allen, WePROTECT Chairman, 2017

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