A major step forwards for WeProtect Global Alliance

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New website and Protectors’ Portal offer members greater opportunities to engage and help create a digital world designed to protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse.

I want to introduce you to a new way of addressing the sexual exploitation and abuse of children online – and ask for your renewed engagement and help. Let’s be honest. We know the way we have worked up to now has not had a big enough impact. Despite all our best efforts, children continue to be exploited and abused online. The challenge is urgent and intensified by the pandemic. We must do more.  

We are committed to generating political commitment and practical approaches to make the digital world safe and positive for children, preventing sexual abuse and long-term harm. So we’ve been working hard with our members and partners to develop new, intuitive approaches and tools to respond to this borderless crime.

Welcome to a new way to participate in the WeProtect Global Alliance .

We are introducing new ways of working with our members to deliver a unified and effective response. We have built a new website; a Protectors’ Portal for Alliance members; and a renewed visual identity. These tools are for Alliance members to engage actively and collaboratively in the challenge of protecting children in the digital world.

This is not just about logos. We are rethinking how we engage with our members so that together we can effectively protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse online and make our collective commitment to collaborate a reality.

The Alliance brings together experts from government, the private sector and civil society. We break down complex problems and develop policies and solutions to protect children from sexual abuse online. Our members come from different backgrounds and countries; they bring a wide range of perspectives and knowledge. This diversity is our biggest strength as we all come together to work towards a common goal. We’ve developed some shared principles to ensure this sense of purpose is embedded in our updated identity: 

We are driven by a shared purpose

Work together with urgency to protect children

We have hard conversations and challenge conventions

Not afraid to think differently

We innovate together

Build collaborative relationships to solve problems

We keep an open mind

Data, transparency and accountability are key to our response

Identifying specific problems to develop new innovative responses

We want to start by openly asking and addressing difficult questions. On our website, we are asking for your help to answer an apparently simple question:
What is stopping us making faster progress to protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse online?

We know what we want to achieve: a digital world designed to make children safe from sexual exploitation and abuse. And we know what’s needed to make that world a reality: better regulation, stronger enforcement, and technology that always puts safety first.

The internet was created by and for adults; it can be unsafe for children to explore. Every phone and computer is a potential gateway for offenders seeking to sexually exploit children.

We invite you to help identify and address the problems standing in the way of progress. These challenges will form the basis for discussions between Alliance members in our new Participants’ Portal.

The new Alliance website is designed as a problem-solving tool. The Protectors’ Portal within the site enables Alliance members to network and collaborate. This collaborative approach is at the heart of our new identity.

We know the need is urgent. We know every member has something to contribute. So get involved. Share what you know. Learn from others. Please engage, explore the new website and help us to build a digital world designed to keep children safe from sexual exploitation and abuse.

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