Ethical AI and Innovation

What is it?

  • Increased and sustained investments in ethical AI and safety-enhancing solutions.

Why is it important?

  • Due to the prevalence of existing CSAM online, and the likely extent of undetected CSAM on the dark web, technology needs to make rapid and extensive progress to identify and remove the existing levels of CSAM online as well as to prevent new cases and respond to active cases.[1](See capabilities 13, 14, 15, and 16).
  • Also, methods to access different children and to commit CSEA online are ever changing and evolving. Offenders are likely to collaborate and share methodologies and tactics to bypass safety mechanisms and to share vulnerable profiles or existing abusive content.
  • Similarly, on some sites, profile types can be recommended to those who have shown a prior interest in children – in some cases this will be recommending children to adults.[2]

How can it be implemented?

  • Carry out research and identify innovative practice to “build crucial technological tools needed to more effectively prevent and work to eradicate child online sexual exploitation and abuse[3] including deterrence for offenders.

Further resources:

[1] End Violence Against Children, Safe Online.

[2] 5Rights Foundation, Risk-by-Design microsite.

[3] Technology Coalition, Project Protect.