Advocating for child rights in the context of online regulation

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Breakout session

Discussing how we as an Alliance can help shift the dial in public understanding and framing of both the issues of child sexual abuse online and online regulation, to ensure that children’s right to safety and privacy can be balanced.

We need to build a movement globally that prioritises the need to build a safer digital world for children. To help do that, this session explored how shared common messaging can help us advance our cause.

We discussed tactics for effective messaging and explored how best to develop our communication and advocacy strategies to align around a common goal: building a safer internet for children.


Vicky Rateau
Vicky Rateau

Program Officer

Oak Foundation

Sarah Gardner
Sarah Gardner

Vice President External Affairs


Ian Stevenson
Ian Stevenson

CEO & Founder


Simon Burt
Simon Burt

Associate Strategy Director


Moira ONeil
Moira O’Neil

Senior Vice President

FrameWorks Institute

Chris Cooper
Chris Cooper

Senior Campaign Director
& Head of Office, Australia