Centring the voices of survivors of child sexual abuse

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Breakout session


Rhiannon Faye McDonald
Rhiannon-Faye McDonald

Victim and Survivor Advocate

Marie Collins Foundation

Guillaume Landry
Guillaume Landry

Executive Director

ECPAT International

Jennifer Wortham
Jennifer Wortham


Global Collaborative

Jenette Carredo
Jenette Carredo

Senior Lead, Aftercare –
Survivor Leadership & Advocacy

International Justice Mission

Elena Botezatu
Elena Botezatu

Executive Director

International Centre La Strada Moldova

Kerstin Claus
Kerstin Claus

Independent Commissioner for
Child Sexual Abuse Issues (ICCSAI)

Government of Germany

Unfortunately, we know most abuse faced by children is discovered not disclosed. So we are challenged to create safe and comfortable spaces where children want to talk to us.

Rhiannon-Fate McDonald, session moderator, victim and survivor advocate for Marie Collins Foundation