Prevention and deterrence of offending behaviour

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Breakout session

We know that prevention and deterrence remain the best way of preventing harm from happening in the first place (or re-occurring), yet this remains one of the most challenging aspects of tackling child sexual abuse.

Whilst efforts to remove Child Sexual Abuse Material from the internet are indisputably important, doing so without working with (potential) offenders to tackle the demand side, means the risk of individuals finding new ways to access imagery and evade detection will persist.

This session explored existing knowledge, current trends, and innovative approaches to best understand how we can prevent offending and re-offending to keep children safe.


Mauricio Cunha
Mauricio Cunha

National Secretary

Ministry of Women, Family and
Human Rights Federal Government

Almudena Lara
Almudena Lara

Senior manager – child safety


Uri Sadeh
Uri Sadeh

Head of Unit


Stuart Allardyce
Stuart Allardyce


Lucy Faithfull Foundation

Dr Michael Seto
Dr. Michael Seto

Director of the Forensic Mental
Health Research Unit

Royal Ottawa Health Care Group