Protecting children in the Age of AI

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Breakout session

This panel will looked at how we can use AI to fight online child sexual abuse by detecting and reporting it, and how we can work with government, civil society and industry to invest in and implement this technology for good.

It offered an opportunity to reflect on which are the potential opportunities and biggest threats that children face in the age of AI, and how we can address them.

The panellists discussed how can we use AI to protect children against threats and harmful content online.

The panel explored existing projects in this sphere (UNICRI, Childhood Foundation – Stella Polaris, TFAIMS).

It also focused on how WeProtect Global Alliance can work with the technology industry to encourage more investment in AI technology to combat online threats.


Joanna Shields
Joanna Shields

Founder & Board member

WeProtect Global Alliance

Neil Desai
Neil Desai


Magnet Forensics

Arnold Guerin
Arnold Guerin

Director of Child Protection

Hubstream Inc.

Yalda Aoukar
Yalda Aoukar


Bracket Foundation

Susanne Drakborg
Susanne Drakborg

Program Manager

World Childhood Foundation

Nicolas Miailhe
Nicolas Miailhe

Founder & President

The Future Society (TFS)

Irakl Beridze
Irakli Beridze

Head, Centre for AI and Robotics

United Nations

John-Orr Hanna



Valentina Dotto
Valentina Dotto

Policy and Trust Framework Researcher