Our Commitments 

WePROTECT and Global Alliance members are signed up to ambitious commitments to end child sexual exploitation online.

The 70 countries involved in these initiatives are working towards a common set of aims, which are to:

  • identify victims, and ensure they receive necessary support;
  • investigate cases of exploitation and prosecute offenders;
  • increase public awareness of the risks posed by children’s activities online, and;
  • reduce the availability of child sexual abuse material online.

The WePROTECT Model National Response to Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse helps countries to establish and develop coordinated national responses to online child sexual exploitation. Using the Model, countries can evaluate their current response, identify gaps and prioritise national efforts to address them.

The technology industry and international and civil society organisations have made their own ambitious commitments, including to support this comprehensive national approach, coordinate their efforts and harness the power of innovation to help protect children online.

Learn more about the support we provide to our members to fulfil their commitments in the WePROTECT Global Alliance Strategy



#WeProtect summit: statements of action 2015

These documents are from the WeProtect summit, which took place in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, to protect children from online sexual exploitation.




Country statement of action

PDF, 168KB, 3 page




These documents are to support the WeProtect summit 2015 delegates and partners. They include statements of action and a model national response for preventing and fighting child sexual exploitation and abuse. Countries, civil society organisations, international organisations and industries have signed up to the statements of action to globally fight online child sexual exploitation.