Our donors

WeProtect Global Alliance brings together experts from governments, the private sector and civil society to realise our vision of a digital world designed to protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse.

We rely on the support of generous donors to fund this important work. It is thanks to their support that we have been able to achieve important milestones in recent years, which can help tackle child sexual exploitation and abuse online.

Funding from our donors allows us to deliver on our theory of change, by driving action through our members and producing a series of products, resources and events:

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Knowledge: We gather knowledge from our members to create, refine and disseminate the latest understanding of the threat

Knowledge in action: Our Global Threat Assessments and key publications

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Empowerment: We engage existing groups of victims/survivors and children and young people and connect them with a wider network, embedding them in our work

Empowerment in action: Our work with survivors and children and young people

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Advocacy: We draw on all these resources to present senior decision-makers with the strongest possible case for greater action and investment so that they will recognise the need for collective action.

Advocacy in action: We work with members and partners to ensure tackling child sexual exploitation and abuse is high on the global agenda. We organise expert roundtables and provide recommendations to decision-makers in our frameworks.


Collaboration: We deepen and broaden our relationship with our membership.

Collaboration in action: Our Global Summits take place every two years and we have a Protectors’ Portal for members to discuss and network all year round.

If you are interested in supporting our work, please contact us at: info@weprotectga.org