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Privacy policy

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Community policies

The Protectors’ Portal aims to bring together experts from government, the private sector and civil society around the world. Here we can break down complex problems together and develop policies and solutions to protect children from sexual abuse online.

This community has been built to allow members to network, help shape the work of the Alliance, discuss emerging trends, identify specific problems and collaborate on developing approaches. 

We ask that you adhere to our community guidelines and shared principles:

 Alliance principles

  • We are driven by a shared purpose, working together with urgency to protect children;
  • We have hard conversations and challenge conventions;
  • We innovate together and build collaborative relationships to solve problems;
  • We keep an open mind and understand that data, transparency and accountability are key to our response. 


  • Be tolerant towards other’s viewpoints and communicate with courtesy; respectfully disagree when opinions do not align;
  • Respect the privacy, personal information and opinions of other ‘protectors’ – do not share any information or communications outside of the portal without the consent of the members included;

Please do not

  • Discuss individual cases that may reveal the identity of any involved person or any sensitive or private information;
  • Share any sexually explicit or inappropriate content, regardless of the intent or context;
  • Make personal attacks, use defamatory remarks or make false statements against other community members;
  • Post prejudiced comments or profanity;
  • Use the platform to solicit for direct business, personal services or fundraising.

If you see content that you think violates these guidelines, use the flagging feature to submit it for review by the Alliance staff and moderators.

If a member is found to have seriously or repeatedly contravened these guidelines, their account will be limited or deleted by the administrators. 


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