Why We Must Act

It is an uncomfortable reality that while technology offers incredible possibilities to our societies, never before has it been easier for those who want to sexually exploit children to make contact with potential victims around the world, share images of their abuse and encourage each other to commit further crimes.

Online child sexual exploitation includes:

  •  the production, possession and distribution of child sexual abuse material online;
  •  the grooming of potential child victims online with the intention of sexual exploitation; and,
  •  the live streaming of child sexual exploitation and abuse. 

The sheer volume of child sexual abuse material online is almost inconceivable. Tens of thousands of victims of child sexual abuse depicted in this material are unidentified and may still be at risk. Evidence suggests that online child sexual exploitation is seriously harmful to victims, creating long lasting feelings of shame and powerlessness as they grow up.

The WePROTECT Global Alliance believes that we must act together, now, to end the sexual exploitation of children online.

Read more about this threat to our children and what we must do in the WePROTECT Global Alliance Strategy.