Lt. Colonel Dana Humaid Ai Marzouqi

Director General of the International Affairs Bureau UAE Ministry of Interior

A career law enforcement professional, Lt Colonel Dana oversees crimes against children in the UAE, and the protection and safety of children is her priority and passion.

She also is in charge of the Ministry’s international activities. This includes managing the global network of police attaché offices, international partnerships and membership of organisations, management of MoUs and treaties as well as international working groups, projects, and initiatives. 

Previously to this role, Lt. Colonel Dana served as the Director of Project Management and Shared Services Office and the Acting Director of the Child Protection Centre of the Ministry of Interior. 

Lt. Colonel Dana sits on several international boards such as the International Security Alliance (ISA), Secure Communities Forum (SCF) and the Virtual Global Taskforce (VGT). 

“There are many organisations globally working to protect children from sexual abuse and exploitations online. What makes WePROTECT Global Alliance different is that it offers a truly multi-stakeholder response. The Alliance bring experts from governments, the private sector, civil society and international organisations together to commit to change and to participate in designing and trialing practical approaches to combatting child sexual abuse and exploitation. The Global Strategic Response and Model National Response Frameworks have been vital to governments and organisations worldwide in structuring their child protection resources.”