Global Strategic Response

The online sexual exploitation and abuse of children occurs in and is facilitated by a borderless online world. There are real victims in real families and real communities. But many offenders who view images of the abuse online are far away from that reality.

For governments and companies charged with protecting children online, the borderless nature of the Internet presents a serious challenge. Only coordinated global action can ensure that children are protected and that offenders don’t just move elsewhere.

46 million unique images or videos relating to child sexual abuse material in EUROPOL repository

This means governments, companies and international organisations must collaborate to ensure that protection is seamless. National governments need to redouble their efforts to find new and innovative ways of countering this threat to the most vulnerable in our societies.

See our Global Strategic Response:

One-page overview across policy, criminal justice, victim support, technology, society and research.

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Interactive implementation guide

This guidance aims to support practitioners and decision-makers across the globe to reach the outcomes outlined in the Global Strategic Response to eliminate child sexual exploitation and abuse online.

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