National responses to Child Sexual Abuse Online

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Breakout session

WeProtect Global Alliance’s goal is to support its members in developing coordinated multi-stakeholder responses to tackle online child sexual exploitation and abuse. To do so the Alliance launched at a 2015 Summit in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, its Model National Response (MNR).

Over six years since its introduction, the Alliance has partnered with UNICEF to undertake a review across 42 Alliance countries to document diverse national responses, identify examples of good practices, highlight challenges and practical solutions, and set out future directions for the refinement of the MNR.

This session will showcase how various countries have used the MNR framework in their own national context, explore the opportunities and challenges they have encountered along the way, provide a forum for discussion around capacity building needs, and build the base to rally around a Call to Action.


Glenda Relova

Exec Director of the National
Authority for Child Care

Republic of the Philippines

Marija Manojlovic

Safe Online Director

End Violence Global Partnership

Afrooz Kaviani Johnson
Afrooz Kaviani Johnson

Child Protection Specialist


Guillermo Galarza
Guillermo Galarza

Vice President


Gioia Scappucci

Executive Secretary to the
Lanzarote Committee

Council of Europe

Albert Antwi Boasiako
Albert Antwi-Boasiako

Ag. Director-General of the
Cyber Security Authority

Government of Ghana

Maria Garcia Branco

Vice chair of the
Lanzarote Committee

Council of Europe