Argentina is the 100th government to join WeProtect Global Alliance

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The government of Argentina joined 99 other governments working together to build a digital world designed to protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse.

We are happy to announce that Argentina joined WeProtect Global Alliance, becoming the 100th government member of the Alliance.

As our frameworks, the Model National Response and Global Strategic Response, show, no government can tackle child sexual exploitation and abuse online alone. This borderless issue requires a coordinated cross-sector global response.

This is why WeProtect Global Alliance is bringing governments from all over the world together, as well as the technology sector and civil society to ensure that they all collaborate to bring the exploitation and abuse of children online to an end.

Our latest Global Threat Assessment registered an increase in the scale of child sexual exploitation and abuse. From 2019 to 2020, the US National Centre for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) registered a 100% increase in reports from the public of online sexual exploitation. As the scale of the issue grows, so the scale of our global response has to expand.

It is a priority of the government of Argentina to protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse online. As new members of the Alliance, we look forward to sharing knowledge, challenges and best practices with all the other members to tackle this threat.

Aníbal Domingo Fernández, Minister of Public National Security of the government of Argentina

100 is more than just a nice round number. One of the conclusions of our Global Threat Assessment was that, despite all the challenges, there is hope. And that’s what this number represents: the hope for a digital world free from child sexual exploitation and abuse. Argentina joining WeProtect Global Alliance  shows the growing strength, effectiveness and diversity of our global response.”

Iain Drennan, WeProtect Global Alliance Executive Director

About us

WeProtect Global Alliance is a global movement bringing together more than 250 governments, private sector companies and civil society organisations working together to transform the global response to child sexual exploitation and abuse online. 

The Alliance generates political commitment and practical approaches to make the digital world safe and positive for children, preventing sexual abuse and long-term harm.  

In 2020, WeProtect Global Alliance relaunched as an independent organisation and is the combination of two initiatives: 

  • The European Commission and US Department of Justice’s Global Alliance Against Child Sexual Abuse Online; and 
  • WePROTECT Children, established by the UK government as a global multi-stakeholder response to combating online child sexual abuse.  

The Alliance is the largest and most diverse global movement dedicated to ending child sexual exploitation and abuse online.

About the issue

The rapid expansion of digital technology and increased access to the Internet have transformed the lives of children and young people worldwide in both positive and negative ways. It is getting easier and easier to access child sexual abuse material online and its volume is increasing to the point that we are facing a ‘tsunami’ of child sexual abuse material online.

To tackle this complex, global issue, everyone with a role to protect children online needs to come together to scale up and speed up the global response to build a digital world that is designed to protect children from sexual exploitation and abuse.

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