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    WeProtect Global Alliance has taken the decision to pause applications for membership while we review the process, criteria and commitments for becoming a member of the Alliance.

    New membership applications will be on hold until the end of 2021, with the exception of prospective government or international organisation members. Other prospective members can register their interest to be contacted when the pause has been lifted with the details of eligibility and how to apply to join the Alliance.

    Contact us for specific government and international organisation membership requests.

    Join our Alliance to commit to collaborating with other members to tackle online-facilitated child sexual exploitation and abuse

    Benefits of WePROTECT Global Alliance membership

    There are no financial or legal commitments attached to joining the Alliance, but should you join you will benefit from:

    • Membership of the Alliance community and access to a diverse network of experts and key influencers across government, law enforcement, industry and civil society
    • An opportunity to inform and direct the global strategy to tackle online child sexual exploitation
    • The opportunity to affirm a high-profile commitment to ending online child sexual abuse and exploitation, including through the use of the WePROTECT Global Alliance brand
    • Attendance at Alliance Summits and other high-profile events, providing an opportunity to hear and learn from keynote speakers and global experts
    • The sharing of information, experiences and best practise of tackling CSEA online via an Alliance member online portal (currently under development)
    • Access to expert insight, analysis and advice
    • Ability to bid for funding from the Fund to End Violence Against Children to fund capacity building projects aimed at tackling CSEA online

    Membership criteria

    Members of the WePROTECT Global Alliance must be one of the following:

    • A member state of the United Nations
    • An international organisation i.e. an organisation established by a treaty or other instrument governed by international law and possessing its own legal personality
    • A regional organisation i.e. an international organisation with a specific geographic focus
    • A technology company that manufactures hardware, creates software, facilitates the use of specialised technology (e.g. social media or internet security tools) or provides telecommunications services, such as mobile phone or broadband services
    • A civil society organisation with a child protection focus and registered as such with appropriate local authorities
    • A financial institution which could be exploited by offenders for the purpose of commercial child sexual exploitation.

    All new members must:

    • Sign up to the WePROTECT Global Alliance membership commitments (see below)
    • Demonstrate commitment to implementing the ​Model National Response ​to tackle online child sexual abuse and exploitation
    • Commit to collaborating with the Alliance, including where possible through attendance at international events and promotion of Alliance products
    • Abide by the Alliance’s aims
    • Nominate a senior lead (at Ministerial level for governments) and working level point of contact
    • Avoid partaking in any activity which could negatively impact upon the reputation of the WePROTECT Global Alliance or adversely affect the ability of the Alliance to conduct its activities

    Member commitments

    WePROTECT Global Alliance members commit to:

    • Working collaboratively with WePROTECT Global Alliance and its members to tackle online-facilitated child sexual exploitation and abuse
    • Establishing and/or supporting a response to child sexual exploitation and abuse online, guided by the Alliance Model National Response and Global Strategic Response, that will ensure:
      • The highest level of response to CSEA online, including preventing wider child abuse
      • Effective prevention programme, investigations and prosecutions, safeguarding of victims and offender management
      • Effective programmes to deter offenders, safeguard victims and protect children, and support adults who can help to do so
      • The deployment of expertise and resources to enhance cooperation between members to protect children, with the ultimate aim of identifying and safeguarding victims
      • Appropriate support services for victims, children and young people
      • Support for partners that work to remove child sexual abuse content from the internet
      • Effective mechanisms for public reporting of online child sexual abuse material worldwide
      • Greater awareness and understanding of CSEA online amongst the public and professionals working with children in order to minimise those at risk
      • Multi-stakeholder participation and coordination of efforts to combat CSEA online
    • Promoting the WePROTECT Global Alliance and its products to the public, stakeholders and professionals, including through relevant global forums
    • Attending global summits hosted by the WePROTECT Global Alliance
    • Ensuring the voices of victims/survivors and children are taken into account during the development of policy, programmes, tools and/or legislation
    • Coordinating activities with the work of other bodies (such as the Fund to End Violence Against Children) to maximise impact.