Mapping child and survivor participation initiatives

A global view of how children and survivors are involved in the fight against child sexual abuse online

Children, young people, and those who have lived experience of online-facilitated child sexual abuse are vital voices and decision-makers in the conversation of how we make a safe digital world for children. We cannot adequately tackle abuse, without centring those who sit at the heart of the experience of it. 

We undertook a global mapping to understand where and how they were being involved in participatory initiatives related to tackling online-facilitated child sexual abuse and closely related issues.

We asked our membership and broader networks to complete a survey, sharing information about any participation work they had engaged in involving adult survivors or children and young people. Alongside this, we conducted desk research to find activities and initiatives undertaken on related issues and outside our membership. To better analyse the different approaches to engagement with children and adult survivors, we have also developed a Participation Model.

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Alliance members

are developing new responses to children being sexually abused online


are creating laws and legislation

Civil society organisations

are advocating for solutions while supporting victims

Tech companies

are developing ways to make their platforms safer

but too often

something is missing

from the response


have important insights to share

and the right to have their voices heard

we must empower them

putting them at the centre of our responses

as part of the solution, not just victims of the problem

our participation model shows ways to involve children and survivors





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Our Participation Model

As part of the mapping project and analysis, and in consultation with our civil society members, we have developed a model of participation covering four categories of approaches:

consult 1


Children and/or adult survivors are consulted or are the subject of focus.



Children and/or adult survivors are advisers or contributors and are engaged from inception to implementation.

co produce


Children and/or adult survivors are engaged in shared decision-making and play an active role in producing the outcome(s) from inception to implementation.

Conference speaker bro 3


Children and/or adult survivors initiate or inspire the work and play a leading role in directing, decision-making and implementing an initiative.

Visualising child and survivor participation

We’re mapping an overview of current initiatives in child and survivor participation to understand:

  • how children and survivors are being involved to lead efforts to tackle child sexual abuse online and other intersecting harms
  • which are the most common approaches and types of participation
  • which sectors are already working to involve and engage children and survivors in developing solutions.

Although our initial mapping includes over 90 projects, we intend to keep growing the map so the trends and gaps identified can better represent how children and survivors are engaged across the world. You can submit your project for inclusion here.

Please note case studies on this map are either submitted directly from organisations or information gathered from organisational publications. The Alliance has not conducted quality assurance or evaluation of the listed projects, and inclusion on the map does not constitute an endorsement or a guarantee of effectiveness. If users would like to discuss the inclusion of any information in a case study, they are encouraged to contact our Participation Manager Delali Mortty.

Tell us about your initiatives

If your organisation has run or is running a project that engages with children and/or survivors and you would like it to be included in the map above, please use this form to add the details of the initiative.