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The Response

We provide a platform, a voice and a toolkit for our members to tackle online child sexual abuse at a global scale

Focus areas

The response needs to be coordinated, cross-sector and global. To help our members focus on specific areas, we have categorised the below as being important to understanding and dealing with the response to online child sexual exploitation and abuse:

How the Alliance is responding

The damage done to victims of child sexual exploitation and abuse online is immense. It includes physical, mental and emotional harm. For some survivors, the effects stay with them throughout their lives.

WeProtect Global Alliance brings together experts from government, the private sector and civil society to generate political support and develop practical approaches. Through collaboration and engagement, we address specific problems and help make the digital world safe and positive for children, preventing sexual abuse and long-term harm.

Protecting children from sexual exploitation and abuse online requires coordinated action. Multiple interventions, approaches, policies and resources are needed to create positive change. WeProtect Global Alliance has developed a Model National Response and a Global Strategic Response to help identify and guide actions.

There is an economic, operational and moral case to improve and speed up our response. As more children go online around the world, and as the technology landscape changes and evolves, an active multi-sector response is more vital than ever.

The Alliance offers a forum for collaboration, networking and action. We provide a platform, a voice and a toolkit for our members to tackle online child sexual abuse at a global scale. We will continue to fight to raise awareness, support action and ultimately put a stop to the sexual exploitation and abuse of children online.

Global response

Sexual exploitation of children occurs in a borderless online world

National response

Nation interventions by goverments and supporting members

Technology solutions

Working with the technology industry to step up the collective response