International collaboration

A coordinated response between different sectors, industries and countries is needed to prevent child sexual exploitation and abuse online, and safeguard children

Why is this needed?

Online-facilitated exploitation and abuse crosses borders with ease; an aligned, international response is vital.

Information-sharing and collaborative targeting enables better decisions and more efficient prevention, early intervention and effective response. Open international collaboration from the outset helps to improve the chances of success in preventing abuse and protecting children.

This includes shared access to international databases, particularly those regarding child sexual abuse material and offender targeting methodologies; formal data-sharing frameworks; high value collective targeting; and criminal records databases.

International cooperation can contribute to building a safer internet for children if governments, technology companies and CSOs work together to develop:

data sharing

Formal data sharing frameworks.

International collaboration

Universal cooperation frameworks.

legal cooperation

Standards for legal interoperability.

You can find more detailed information about how international cooperation can help tackle child sexual abuse online in our frameworks, the Model National Response and the Global Strategic Response, and their online guides.

What is being done in this area?

Our Summits

WeProtect Global Alliance’s global summits are a unique opportunity for Alliance members from industry, governments, civil society and international organisations to come together to share learnings, agree collaborative solutions and reaffirm commitments.

The 2022 Turning the Tide Global Summit brought together over 400 in-person delegates in Brussels and nearly 500 more people online