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Publications produced and commissioned by WeProtect Global Alliance, including frameworks, reports and briefing papers:


Frameworks to help organise the response to child sexual exploitation and abuse at national and global levels.

Model National Response

MNR Thumbnail

Guidance & support to countries and organisations to help build response to child sexual exploitation and abuse online.

Implementing the Model National Response

Framing the future

Access the review of the Model National Response that sets out how and where the MNR has been implemented in the six years since its introduction across 42 Alliance countries.

Global Strategic Response

Global Threat Assessment landscape

One-page overview across policy, criminal justice, victim support, technology, society and research

Implementing the Global Strategic Response


Our reports inform on the global threats and the collective response to child sexual abuse online.

Global Threat Assessment 2021

Global Threat Assessment 2021

Global view of child sexual exploitation and abuse online: technology, victims & offenders

Child exposure to online sexual harms survey

Economis Impact

A global study of 18-20 year olds in 54 countries worldwide to find out more about their experiences of online sexual harms, conducted by ECONOMIST IMPACT

Survey of technology companies

tech survey

A survey of industry members conducted in partnership with the Tech Coalition to understand the scope of activities by technology companies to combat the issue of child sexual abuse online

How to talk about child sexual abuse in the digital world

How to talk

A FrameWorks UK brief prepared for WeProtect Global Alliance

How we talk about child sexual exploitation and abuse online matters. Our communications can make the difference between salience and dismissal, between hope and fatalism, between collective action and stepping back.

Briefing papers

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