Private sector

Technology companies

Through the Alliance, our technology company members are working to help limit the negative impact of their creations and ensure future advancements cannot be used to sexually exploit and abuse children.    

In recent years, technology has profoundly changed the world. The big technology companies have built platforms on which we all rely for work, entertainment and community. 

However, while technology offers incredible possibilities to our societies, there is also a dark side. Never before has it been easier for those who want to sexually exploit children to make contact with potential victims around the world, share images of their abuse and encourage each other to commit further crimes. 

Safety tech

Just as technology has created the conditions for online child sexual exploitation and abuse, technology can also provide solutions to the problem. 

These companies develop tools and strategies designed to identify, remove and prevent the creation of abusive materials as well as supporting law enforcement to forensically investigate the crimes and disrupt offenders.

Wider private sector

We all have a role to play in protecting children when they go online. 

As well as technology-specific companies, many other sectors are directly or indirectly involved in the protection of children online. These include financial, telecommunications and consulting companies.